About Me

I'm Erin Rea Westlake – excitable, restless, creative, animal- and travel-loving graphic artist. I recently turned 30, lived in England, got engaged, and traveled around Europe. This year I've been learning how to camp, do calligraphy, and stay in one place again. With a house in Portland, Oregon to decorate and a wedding to plan, I'm feeling pretty inspired! This is a place for me to collect ideas and document creative projects along the way.

Things I'm into at the moment – Animals • Art • Calligraphy • Comedy • Decor • Design • DIY • Drawing • Fashion • Furniture • Hand Lettering • Home Renovation • Organization • Minimalism • Nutella • Painting • Photography • Sewing • Watercolor . . . 

Background – I earned my BA in Graphic Design and have worked in a whole variety of professional environments: boutique design studio, non-profit organization, corporate monolith, beachy media firm, and as a solo freelancer. A combination of creativity + technical skills + open hearted disposition has helped me get things done and maintain ongoing relationships. 

My custom pet portraits have been featured in Cesar's Way Magazine, Pawsh Magazine, Real Homes UK, and showcased on Dog-Milk.com, Apartment Therapy, Design*Sponge gift guides, and more.

Feel free to reach out to me, if you'd like to inquire further!


Moments and inspirations –