Choosing Chips and Picking Paint

Paint chip selection is a whole thing, but I love it!

Colors always look look a bit different (bolder/darker) on the walls than on the chip.

Before looking at paint chips:

Look for inspiration online. Once I had a collection of interiors that I was drawn to, I could start to identify themes and make a mood board. 

- Consider the feeling you're after. I wanted a darker blue (dark enough that the black appliances would visually disappear) but something that wasn't too bright or overwhelming. Something that felt cheerful while also relaxing and elegant.

- Obviously take your chips home and compare under your actual room's lighting.  Check out the colors at different times of day.

- Select a few favorites and get samples to paint swatches on your wall - it's worth it. I liked trying our two favorites + one darker. I think people can be too fearful of dark paint...some visual contrast is good!

- Live with the colors until a clear winner emerges (or if you think you need to go back to get another sample). You can consult with friends, but I think you'll know in your heart which color is the right one.